Attending: Ron Bowman, David Stelmazewski, Barry Halbert, Frank Cohen, Joe Munsch, Pat Roper, Jason Rodriguez
1) Minutes of August 1 Board meeting. Approved Barry Halbert motion, second by Frank Cohen.  5-0 vote.
2) Consideration of Sept 21-23 Member guest. Board discussed and signed off on overall format, brochure for, food, prize money, event locations, shootout format, player pool amount of $250 per team, Foot Joy and Titleist pop up store and $200 gift card per player. Additionally, pro shop was to develop the individual flights based on registered players. Tapatio GM Caleb Dubose provided a free keg of beer for the event. A big thank you to Rick Moulton for putting up and taking down all the sponsor signs for the event.
3) Inter Club celebration. Captain Stelmo reported a happy hour event would be held on Sunday September 24 at 6:30 pm in the club bar area. Team driver head cover will be presented to each team member and a team photo will be taken and put on display in the Wall of Fame corridor.
4) Membership update. Stelmo reported the MGA membership stands at 227.
5) Future remaining MGA events. October 13, November 10th and December 8 are on the books and will be addressed at the October board meeting. In addition, the season finale Fed Ex type format is being developed for the top 30 players ( players within 75 points of 10th place) culminating in a Player of the Year award and ceremony.
6) Pro shop update. Pat Roper covered several issues including the Vaqueros Del Mar club closing Oct 9-11, Survey crews are out for the new wastewater plant, October 6 is a Callaway demo day, and other private events to be held Oct 15-16, Oct 30 and November 6. No news from Ownership was available. President Bowman noted this trend of no communication to the membership by the new owners continues beyond they are working on a Master Plan but no completion of is in sight. Joe Munsch reported on a meeting he had with Ownership Rep Jeff Davis which basically showed nothing is being presented to the membership post his visit to the club numerous months ago.
7) Wall of fame plaques are still being worked on by Chad Hanchey company as reported by Frank Cohen.
8) Communication updates. Bowman reported Ramona Werst will be present at the Member guest to take photos and put on facebook and in the local Boerne Star.
9) Sponsors update. Barry Halbert reported it will be time shortly to make the Board’s annual solicitation to our current and any new sponsors. Annual goal is $15K or more.
10) Monthly financials. Frank reported on the activities for the past 30 days. Ending balance is $26,747.55. However some of these funds will be used to pay for expenses tied to the Member guest 3 day event.
11) Election for 2024 board was briefly discussed by Bowman. Bowman, Stein and Wilson terms are up. Election of next board will be at annual meeting in December. Date time location TBD.
12) Other. Nothing was brought up by board members.

Ron Bowman