Ladies Golf Association

We play Tuesday’s and Thursday’s…. 
 Tuesday’s is Fun Play Days - tee times are reserved for those who want to play, there is no organized play of the day.  Not part of the official weekly LGA weekly plays.  This is just an additional time set aside for LGA members to play and work on their game to get ready for the Thursday sanctioned play day.   
 If you are a beginner golfer this is the group you want to start with and learn as you play along with some of experienced players.  This will also help in establishing your handicap if you don’t have one yet, which you need to play on Thursdays. 

 Thursday’s (with the exception of holidays or special events) is our regular (official) weekly tournament LGA Play Days.   Members must sign up or cancel in accordance with the Tournament Director’s directive.  The Tournament Director will determine if weather conditions prohibit play and will inform the Pro Shop of a cancellation of Play Day if necessary.   Members must have an established handicap from another club or a handicap based on 10 scores played on the Tapatio Springs golf courses to be eligible for prizes.
Depending on member sign-ups we will have regular play consisting of eighteen holes. The maximum handicap allowed is based on an index in accordance with current USGA guidelines. Pairings will be made by the Pro Shop and will be based on Handicaps unless not deemed appropriate based on the play of the day.

Tee Times:  May thru Sept 9am, Oct thru April 11am. 

 Through out the year we do plan special events…ie…Halloween Scramble, St. Patrick Fun Format, 3/Queens&King etc….costumes are encouraged and prizes given out for best costumes etc…. 

 Please contact anyone on the board with any questions: