Our MGA Member-Member Match Play is in the books! Thank you all for playing and congrats to all those in the money! 
*Winnings are paid out in golf shop credit.
Flight 1 
1st Place ($100pp) - Taylor Benziger, Larry Hicks
2nd Place ($50pp) - Blake Ross, Connor Ross
Flight 2 
1st Place ($100pp) - Mark Wilson, Joe Munsch  *scorecard playoff w/ 9-hole score (35) in head-to-head matchup against Ramon/Harpole (37)  
2nd Place ($50pp) - Joe Ramon, Jay Harpole
Flight 3
1st Place ($100pp) - David Arneson, Greg Davis
2nd Place ($50pp) - Jeff Talley, Ron Barden
Flight 4
1st Place ($100pp) - Billy Denham, Brad Spencer
2nd Place ($50pp) - Aaron Lomax, Jason Federoff
Flight 5 
1st Place ($100pp) - Patrick Bartell, Rick Moulton
2nd Place ($50pp) - Mark Rison, Jeff Lott
CTP - Day 1 ($25pp)
#3 - Charlie Crews 9'10''
#7 - Jeff Talley 15'1''
#11 - Jay Harpole 1'11''
#17 - David Werst 10'4''
CTP - Day 2 ($25pp)
#3 - Malcolm Grainger 3'2''
#7 - Barry Halbert 16'7''
#11 - Mark Mobley 4'
#17 - Gary Etherington 14'1''
Net Team Skins
Patrick Bartell, Rick Moulton x2 ($32pp)
Blake Ross, Connor Ross x1 ($16pp)
Joe Ramon, Jay Harpole x1 ($16pp)
Mark Mobley, Randy Reese x1 ($16pp)
David Werst, Charlie Crews x1 ($16pp)
Gross Team Skins
Blake Ross, Connor Ross x2 ($25pp)
Mark Wilson, Joe Munsch x2 ($25pp)
Patrick Bartell, Rick Moulton x2 ($25pp)
Ron Bowman, Frank Cohen x1 ($12.50pp)
Joe Ramon, Jay Harpole x1 ($12.50pp)
A big congratulations goes out to our shootout winners Mark Wilson & Joe Munsch from Flight 2! They not only won for themselves but everyone else in their flight as all flight members received an extra $50pp. The following were awarded those monies: Mark Wilson, Joe Munsch, Joe Ramon, Jay Harpole, Gary Etherington, JJ Montanaro, David Stelmazewski, Jimmy Locke. 
As mentioned after the conclusion of the shootout, Para-mutuel betting monies will be distributed and available for pickup in the ProShop on Tuesday