Tournament points for gross and net flights where applicable:

First place 50 points for the player
Second place 35 points for player
Third place 25 points
Fourth place 15 points
Fifth place 10 points
Participants in the following events are:
Member Member 35 points per player
Member Guest 35 points per player
Tapatio Cup 35 points per player
Beat the Pros winners 25 points per player
Top 32 point total players play in a final one round event First place 75 points Second place 50 points Third place 45 points Fourth place 40 points Fifth place 35 points Sixth place 30 points Seventh place 25 points Eight place 20 points Ninth place 15 points Tenth place 10 points
Overall player of year prize money:
First place $500
Second place $300
Third place $250
Fourth place $225
Fifth place $200
Sixth place $175
Seventh place $150
Eight place $125
Ninth place $100
Tenth place $75

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